Project Management

We oversee strategic projects from ideation to execution ensuring that they are delivered within the agreed time frame, meet client requirements and earmarked costs. By drawing out clear deliverables, we ensure that projects align with your strategy and business goals.

Our portfolio of projects showcases our commitment to a defined process and consistency of results. We are passionate about building structures and implementing processes that help drive growth. In building solutions for our clients, we are constantly evolving in our competence and embracing policy and technology-driven change that drives the sectors our clients operate in.

Our team of skilled professionals have mastered the art of analyzing your pain points as a client and finding the right balance of technology and process-driven solutions that help you solve problems and grow opportunities.

Our Project management process is built on a three-phased strategy that Manages- Transforms and Sustains.

When we are onboarded as your consultants, we lead with the management of current projects helping to salvage projects that are exceeding costs or failing to produce value. 

This steadies the ship and allows us to commence a company-wide transformation campaign that helps team members understand how planning, effective communication and cost efficiency key into project management. We also reinvent current processes and in places with no structure, provide a roadmap that guides any further projects in the organization.    

For our sustenance strategy, we create an in-house team that serves as our major contact for monitoring, evaluation and communication on future projects. Our experienced team provides technical support for this team helping them understand the fundamentals needed for decision making and management of resources.  The goal is to help the newly formed unit achieve autonomy and proficiency, growing to become the organization’s project office that manages project management needs while liaising with third parties.

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